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Yantai Nangongda Universal Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in May 2021, Yantai Nangongda Universal Intelligent  Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of machine tool functional parts jointly established by Yantai Universal Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Gongda CNC Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a professional manufacturer of research, development, production and sales of NC rotary tables. Its independent innovation ability, manufacturing ability and product technology level are in the leading level in China, Masters the key technology of manufacturing worm gears and face gears. The company has more than 100 pcs precision processing and testing equipment, including CNC thread grinding machine, CNC gear hobbing machine, laser interferometer, etc., with an annual output of more than 3000pcs rotary tables diameters φ 100mm~ φ 5000mm。 The products are supplied to more than 100 domestic machine tool factories, and some of them are exported to the international market.

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