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·         Congratulations on the launch of the new website

·         Address by the chairman on board

Dear friends:

Hello, everyone, welcome to the cloud home of Yantai Universal Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD

Autumn is the most glorious harvest season of the year. With the completion and production of Yantai Universal "high-end CNC functional components industrialization base", our new website is also bathed in the Party's 20 bright rain and dew as promised.

Here, on behalf of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the technical elites who have been committed to the construction of the website revision since a period of time, and express my heartfelt thanks to the friends from all walks of life who have been concerned about the development of the enterprise and the new and old customers.

Innovation is the inexhaustible source of enterprise development. In the past two decades, the enterprise website is like a small tree, after continuous pruning and fertilization, thriving, full of vitality, vitality, for the healthy development of enterprises to provide a strong power, is the company's concentrated essence of corporate culture and product cloud exhibition hall. It always runs through the user-centered innovation concept, the application of network technology is more advanced, more secure, the modular framework structure is more reasonable, more convenient, visual system is more intuitive, more fresh, the display of corporate culture is richer, more interactive is also stronger.

The new website of "The excellent chapter continues, the future can be expected" will better assume the responsibility and obligation of spreading red culture and social positive energy, promoting corporate culture, demonstrating innovation and development, and building a heart-to heart bridge between enterprises and users. Yantai Universal is committed to the advancement of machine tool equipment and the revitalization of China's machine tool industry. We are willing to work with friends from all walks of life who are committed to the development of the industry at home and abroad to jointly shoulder the important task of the revitalization of China's machine tool industry.

The customer is God, the product is guaranteed; Brand is reputation, culture for the messenger; The website is the link, connecting you, me and him. I sincerely hope that you can put forward valuable comments and suggestions on the construction of the website and the development of the enterprise. I believe that with the support of friends from all walks of life, we will have a better tomorrow.



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